A symphony with self ~ romantic adornment.

An ode to celebrating the beauty of diverse minds and bodies.

Each garment intentionally crafted to reveal the true essence of our being, woven with threads of identity and uniqueness.

Oh, how it feels to step into our full expression. Our bodies become a canvas upon which we paint our souls and through authentic adornment, we reclaim our power and honour within.

A scared ritual of embodiment.

Our garments serve as a reminder—an invitation, even—to step into your unique and unapologetic expression, and showcase your soul to the world — allowing others to do the same.

Designed to have an enduring presence in your wardrobe.

Some pieces are hand-made to order in house, whilst others are crafted in small runs by local manufacturers in Naarm, Melbourne.

We honour all the pattern makers, fabric cutters and machinists that contribute to creating our beautiful collections. 

All my gratitude,